Welcome to Drowlife!

I’m Poornima Seetharaman, (also know as Purnima Iyer and as Artemis in the gamer zone). 

I have been part of the gaming industry since 2006 and have worked with some of the best names in the Indian gaming industry.  I was the lead game designer for Bioshock mobile as well as some of the top Cricket games including IPL, during my stint at Indiagames (now Disney India). Game design happened by chance at the beginning of my career and after a short stint in South Korea, I had the opportunity to translate that into my entrepreneurial venture, Pinaka Interactive, along with a dear friend.

I was also one of the lead game designers for educational MMOs at Knowledge Adventure (JumpStart, now NetDragons), following which I led the game design for GSN (Game Show Network) Games which allowed me to explore the Social Casino scene. I eventually went on to head the gaming studio at an Augmented Reality based company.

I always look forward to collaborate with like-minded people to work on interesting projects. I’m currently working on a few projects as a design consultant, working on my own games, as well as giving my time to mentor the students at National Institute of Design, Bangalore as a visiting faculty.

I co-founded Namma Lore Entertainment along with Divya Hegde on Sept 27th, 2018. Namma means ‘our’ in more than one South Indian language. And thus the name translates to ‘Our Lore’. Namma Lore’s focus is on socio-cultural impact games (& tech) using storytelling as a primary medium. Wish us luck!

P.S: The ‘Drow‘ is a dark elf subrace in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, and Drow Ranger is my favourite character from Dota2! 

My little Hall of Fame.